Take A Meeting? No Thanks. I Have A Better Use For My Time.

Take A Meeting? No Thanks. I Have A Better Use For My Time.

Meetings are a waste of time. They start late; and end later. The agenda – if there is one – isn’t followed. Some blowhard at the end of the table won’t stop talking. People arrive ill prepared, or worse, not at all. And no one is held responsible for the actions that were supposedly decided during the last meeting. Why am I here, you ask yourself philosophically? You have better things to do with your time…

Fact is, people have known forever that most meetings are a waste of time. Like the weather, everyone talks about it; but no one does anything to fix it.

Not quite.

Leaders who learn to be effective run effective meetings. They have learned to control their time. They use the discipline of effectiveness to curtail time wasters, like meetings, so they can work on their priorities. As Peter Drucker says in The Effective Executive, “Know your time”.

So what does an effective meeting look like?

First of all, leaders need to admit there is a problem with meetings. In my experience it is a problem that most leaders do not know
how to fix. Or, they do not have the courage to try to fix it.

This becomes the business opportunity for Coaches.

e-suite.com provides checklists and templates to help leaders take back control of time-suckers like wasteful meetings. This suite of proven methodologies and tools shows leaders the way to breach difficult subjects. Like how to let the boss know that another meeting is probably going to do more harm than good, and will likely waste thousands of dollars in unproductive company time.

Effective leaders have the passion and courage to take actions that produce results.

With e-suite.com’s Meetings leaders take charge by first asking what is the purpose of the meeting? If there is no defined purpose, or its purpose is unclear, perhaps the meeting should be stopped before it starts.

It then goes on to set the objectives for the meeting. And more.

  • What are the specific deliverables that must be accomplished in the time allowed?
  • What is the agenda?
  • Who should be there? And why (what is their role at the meeting?).
  • What preparation is required?
  • How long should the meeting be?

Running effective meetings is a learned skill. e-suite.com helps leaders develop valuable skills that they can apply to their current job, future positions, in domestic or international companies, throughout their careers.

And once learned, leaders wonder how they ever managed without it.

A former CEO of one of the world’s strongest banks once told me that when you learn to run effective meetings, it is like someone has given you the gift of 20 percent more time each day. Time you could use to build a second company. Develop new products. Conquer new markets. Spend with your family.

What would you do if you had 20 percent more time at your disposal? Take control of wasteful meetings and begin to enjoy the benefit of having time on your side.

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